What is IPH?

Data-informed metrics can provide transparency to government performance and provide insights. IPH is an interactive platform designed to track over 500 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) under 12 main pillars, ranging from education and energy to social and industry. Created by Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Performance Measurement, the platform aggregates and visualizes data from many respected international bodies including the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

IPH is unique in that it is:

  1. Convenient: Collecting a wide spectrum of data into one comprehensive and intuitive platform;
  2. Credible: Ensuring data can be relied upon by governments around the world, IPH sources only from highly-respected organizations with recognized data sets;
  3. Insightful: Although IPH is still in development, future offerings include integrated analysis across data sources, and predictive and prioritization capabilities from a government practitioner-lens

What is Adaa?

The National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa) is a leading independent government body in Saudi Arabia, founded in October 2015 and reports directly to the prime minister.

Adaa aims to create and integrate performance measurement processes within public entities in Saudi Arabia through the use of unified tools. These measures mean to enhance the ability of these entities to monitor and improve their performance.

In addition to developing performance measurement tools, Adaa’s objectives also include providing trainings and consultations in performance management to these entities to facilitate internal drive towards excellence.

Separate from its role within Saudi Arabia, Adaa is well-positioned to support movements towards government performance and transparency worldwide by providing access to the wealth of knowledge that resides within IPH. While the platform was designed to support the objectives of Saudi Arabia, the KPIs and data points can inform data-driven decision making by governments, businesses, and other institutions around the world.